About Anna

When I became single in 2003, I was fascinated by online dating and used the internet to learn about online communications and also find potential matches online. It was a new exciting, but small world. At that time finding love offline was still the way to go, and all of us looking online were the crazy nerds.

Long story short, I became known for my knowledge about online dating at that time and soon started giving advice based on my own experience. When I went from single to engaged in 100 days, in 2015, I not only gave advice around my system but showed that it worked.

We stayed together for 1.5 years. I thought finding a partner like him was my dream, but I realized that what I was not ready to start a family and give up so many of the things I had in my life, to be with him. I think many of us have to get what we think we want to realize what we want.

When I met the man I am with today he was my perfect match for the life I want to live. This motivated me even more to help others get what fits them and the life they want to live instead of the package with from a young age gets told we need to find.

Now I spend my days being a matchmaker, giving dating advice, but most of all I have a passion for getting the whole industry better.

We need better solutions and more healthy dating as a whole.

Let’s be fair

Finding love online should be easier and less traumatizing.

Let’s be honest

Most singles looking for love are not honest about how they are feeling.

Let’s clean up

And make it more fun and motivating to find a partner online or offline.

Dare to say what you want.

I am always surprised about how different or difficult everyone think they are. But I have until today not met one single person who do not have some kind of ick or lack.

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Anna Sideri Hagen

“The only way to get a long lasting relationship is to be honest about your needs and wants!“