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When I went from single to engaged in 2015 the way I navigated the datingsites made me feel energized and more focused. When you organize your dates, and have a set goal to it all, my experience is that you will find a match quicker. If you click on the button below you will be able to order the hardcover from Amazon. In my ETSY store, you will find it as a downloadable pdf.

Welcome to Dating By Anna.

Hi, I am Anna and this is mye little place online.

I have been in the dating industry since 2003, and I have a love-hate relationship with online dating. Yes, I have figured out a way for online dating to be more fun and motivating, but I wish the owners of the apps and sites would help us out a bit more.

This site is made to give you my best advice and my opinions about what is smart and not when looking for love online. I have been called an expert, but I consider myself a dating tester and give advice according to my experience.

How to use my flip-flops!

My merchandise is made for fun and fearless singles looking to have ice-breakers that will make people laugh and not cringe.

Get my flip-flops and throw them around on the beach to see how many dates you will be asked on. Please post your results on social media and tell everyone how it all went down.

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“ Keep looking for those who are brave enough to be honest. Love is not meant to be easy, its meant to be real. “

Anna Sideri Hagen
Looking at online dating since 2003